Internet access in Shima Onsen. A list of free wireless internet (Wi-Fi) hotspots

Wi-Fi in Shima Onsen

As explained about Shima Onsen in past posts on my blog, the area extends from the natural treasure sightseeing spots such as natural potholes located in the south of Shima Onsen to Okushima Lake and Shakunage Waterfall in the northernmost region. This hot spring resort is a long and narrow area stretching about six kilometres from north to south along the Shima River. 

Wireless internet from Docomo, au, and SoftBank, which are the three major carriers in Japan, can be reached in almost all districts other than the Okushima Lake area. It is advisable to get a SIM card to use these carriers in advance since there are no shops selling SIM cards in Shima Onsen.

What about the accessibility to the internet in the local area?

There are a lot of accommodation facilities with free Wi-Fi, such as Shima Onsen Kashiwaya Ryokan.

The number of restaurants providing free Wi-Fi offering lunchtime meals has increased as well. Also, free Wi-Fi connections have been prepared in many of the public facilities in the hot spring town.

Shima Onsen Town

Therefore, I have summarised the facilities and shops with wireless internet in order from the south.

Free hotspots are maintained roughly about every two hundred and fifty metres in the area of the hot spring town from the entrance to the hot spring to Hinatami.

You need to access it differently, depending on the spot, but you can explore the hot spring town with free Wi-Fi.

Internet access in Shima Onsen. A list of free wireless internet (Wi-Fi) hotspots are below. You can access it without any problems at all of these places.

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Ohketstu PotholesSeiryuNoYu One-day Onsen
Shima Onsen Post OfficeWashinoya (Liquor and General store)
Shima Onsen AssociationKashiwaya Cafe
Shima Onsen Bus TerminalKurenai (Japanese restaurant)
Youziriha Fott Bath and Drinking OnsenShima Blue Cafe
GomusouNoYu One-day OnsenCafe L’atelier Bleu
Shima Gawa Dam Office


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