Shima Onsen WEB Cameras

There are some WEB cameras along the Shima Onsen street.
Let’s check the latest scenery of Shima Onsen !

Kashiwaya Ryokan (Onsenguchi area)

shima Onsen kashiwaya ryokan
Shima Onsen Kashiwaya Ryokan (Onsenguchi area)

Shima Onssen Kashiwaya Ryokan

Izumiya (Yamagchi area)

Izumiya Ryokan (Yamaguchi area)

Toshimaya (Yamagchi area)

Toshimaya Ryokan (Yamaguchi area)

Kashiwaya Cafe (Arayu area)

shima onsen kashiwaya cafe
Kashiwaya Cafe (Arayu area)

Kashiwaya cafe

Nakajimaya (Ochiai dori street)

Nakanjimaya (Ochiai dori street)

Yamabato (Hinatami area)

Yamabato Ryokan (Hinatami area)

Route 353 (Shima Onsen entrance)

Route 353 (Shima Onsen entrance)
Thank you for cooperation!
Kashiwaya Ryokan
Kashiwaya Cafe

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