Shima Terrace, A New Pizza, Bakery, and Coffee Shop in the Shima Onsen Hot Spring Resort Area

pizza of Shima Terrace

Shima Terrace is a pizza, bread, sweets, and coffee shop that opened in the summer of 2022.
It is newly built and opened near the Kashiwaya Cafe in the heart of the Shima Onsen district.
The building of the shop was designed by Nobuaki Tanaka of Atelier N, a popular local architectural firm.
It is an impressive building with large windows so that guests can spend a relaxing time while looking out over the beautiful Shima River, which runs in front of the restaurant with its beautiful Shima blue color.


The concept of the shop is ‘a pizza and bakery where the view is the secret ingredient.’
The theme of the shop’s interior is also “River, Canoe, and Kayak”.

The menu at such a lovely store includes pizzas baked in a stone oven at 500°C (900°F) using local ingredients, handmade breads and sweets, and a coffee menu using home roasted NAKAYOSHI COFFEE brand beans.

In addition to eating and drinking inside the shop, you can also eat or drink on the pet-friendly terrace, and take out or delivery is also available to some parts of the Shima Onsen area.

Let me introduce some of Shima Terrace’s recommended menu items.

pizza shima terrace
Pizza Shima Terrace

The most popular pizza menu item is the “Shima Terrace,” named after the restaurant.
It is a luxurious Margherita with mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce as the base, topped with local mushrooms (maitake mushrooms), smoky bacon, and a soft-boiled egg (we call it “Onsen Tamago”).
The pizza dough is made from Gunma flour.

Quattro Formaggi

The next recommendation is the “Quattro Formaggi,” a pizza made with four kinds of cheese. Of course you can enjoy the aroma of four kinds of cheese, including Gorgonzola, but the secret of its popularity is the honey that we get directly from Mr. Tomizawa, a local beekeeper. Try it with a generous drizzle of honey. You will enjoy the harmony of the saltiness of the cheese and the rich sweetness of the honey.

Handmade bread

Handmade bread is also available in the shop.
Popular items include Pain aux Campagne made with simple ingredients, Pain aux Fruits with plenty of dried fruits and walnuts kneaded into the Campagne dough, and small loaves of bread with red bean paste, filled with handmade gently sweetened Azuki bean paste.

Marinara, recommended for vegans

There is also a menu that is safe for vegans.
In addition to the Pain aux Campagne and Pain aux Fruits introduced earlier, the pizza menu includes a simple pizza called “Marinara” with tomato sauce, garlic, and olive oil, which can be served with confidence.
Recently, some Onsen ryokans like Kashiwaya Ryokan offer vegan meals, so dinner and breakfast are becoming manageable, but there were still very few vegan lunches, so this is good news for vegans.

You can relax and enjoy the view of the Shima River, enjoying coffee and sweets as a café.

Shima Terrace
Phone: 080 4155 0193
Business hours: 11:00am to 6:00pm
Closed: Tuesday
Nearest bus stop: Kirinokidaira


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