Ginsen Chaya (Japanese food, Yaki Manjuu) 銀泉茶屋

This Snack, cafe has closed.

Ginsen Chaya is a teahouse that draws in the Ginsen spring water, a spring that has been loved by the locals for centuries.

The teahouse is located in the middle of Yamaguchi and Arayu areas and serves light meals.

Our recommended menu item is Yaji Manju (baked bun), a Gunma specialty, same as Okkirikomi, which is also a Gunma specialty.

Okkirikomi is thick Udon noodle stewed with vegetables and other ingredients, which is very beneficial for your body, especially during the cold season. We recommend it because it warms you from the core.

Example of the menu
Manager, Ms. Hirakata

Phone: 0279-64-2670
Business hours: 10:00am to 3:00pm
Closed: No regular holidays
Nearest bus stop: Tsukimibashi


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