Nakajimaya (Soba, Japanese cuisine) 中島屋

Miyama Soba

Nakajimaya is a Soba and Japanese restaurant located on Ochiai Street in the center of Shima Onsen, and another soba shop Komatsuya is located next door to

We use a blend of local Tsumagoi Kogen and Hokkaido buckwheat flour ground on a low speed stone mill, so you can enjoy the richness of flavors.

The three-flavored Miyama Soba is recommended, but you can also enjoy curry, Oyakodon (chicken and egg bowl) and local sake.

The master is a photo buff. He uploads a lot of beautiful pictures of Shima Onsen on Instagram. There is also a live camera outside the shop.

Manager (Owner’s Son) , Mr. Tsunoda

Phone: 0279-64-2400
Business hours: 11:30am to 3:00pm (until sold out)
Closed: No regular holidays
Nearest bus stop: Shima Onsen


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