The charming waterfalls tour in Shima Onsen resort

Ogura falls
Ogura falls


In Shima Onsen, there are many fascinating waterfalls including Ogura, Maya and Koizumi Falls.
They can be accessed in various ways: you can pass by some waterfalls while strolling around the hot spring resort, some can be reached by an easy car drive, and some can by reached by hiking along mountain paths. Please take the chance to enjoy them !

Koizumi waterfall

Koizumi falls
Koizumi falls

Koizumi falls is easily accessible by a car.

It is located in Yuzuriha area between Arayu area and Hinatami area.
About 1 km away from the town center.
You can look down from a gazebo along a road to Shimagawa dam (Okushima lake).
Easily accessible by a car.
Lately a small space is secured as a car park.
It is also nice to get there by bike.
There is Yuzuriha foot bath, Insenjo(a place of drinking spring water for medical treatment) and a trailhead to Mt. Suisho-zan nearby.
And also you can enjoy Canyoning (operated by GreenDiscovery co.).

Frozen Koizumi falls
Frozen Koizumi falls

Oizumi waterfall

Oizumi falls
Oizumi falls

Enjoy Canyoning Oizumi falls at Hinatami area.

It has been said since long time ago that Oizumi falls and Koizumi falls are famous waterfalls in Shima Onsen.
Although it was not accesseble before to Oizumi falls, a new path to the waterfall is maintained lately.
If you come here by car, it is easy to accesse and enjoy some other waterfalls.
You can enjoy Koizumi falls close by, Oizumi Falls, and Syakunage falls at the back of Okushima lake all at once if you have around 30 minutes.
Visiting here in fresh green and autumn leaves season is recommended but summer is also wonderful.
Let you get close to the falls and you will be showered with cool fresh air and negative ions.

Oizumi falls is a finish point of Canyoning that starts from Shima river right under Okushima lake.
Sliding down from the falls is extremely refreshing and exciting.

Shakunage waterfall

Syakunage falls

Shakunage falls located very back of Okushima lake.

Shakunage falls is literally surrounded by rhododendron (Shakunage) .
As it is easily accesible by a car, you can stop by while you are driving around Okushima lake.
The end of April to the biginning of May is the best season for enjoying rhododendron.
And also it is beautiful as the volume of water is huge.
But Autumn leaves season is the best, after all.
In cold winter, you can see the icefall

Please enjoy the falls and Okushima lake all together!

Maya waterfall

Maya falls

Maya falls, the falls in Shima Onsen that a legend of Mayahime (princess Maya) has been handed down.
Maya falls is a famous waterfall in Shima Onsen that is located in Hinatami area.
A pathway to the falls is about 1.5km long.

Pathway to Maya falls

This is a birthplace of the regend of Mayahime.
The falls has abundant water throughout the year.
It makes a good contrast with Ogura falls that is the other famous waterfall in Shima.
A sunny day in autumn, there are a lot of visitors here.
You can see Japanese serow that is designated as a national natural treasure, wild birds and monkeys in the nature of Joshinetsu Highlands National Park.
Be aware of bears just in case.
There are some bells are set up along the pathway.
Ring the bell and let them know we are here.
Autumn leaves in Shima Onsen
Don’t you have lunch at an arbour by the falls?
Mayahime welcomes you!
Depending on the season, each has different charm.
It is worth to visit!

Maya falls with fresh greens
Maya falls in May

Ogura waterfall

Ogura falls

One of the most famous spots in Shima. -Ogura falls-
Ogura falls is located in a tributary of Shima river.

This big falls is familiar to many people for a long time.
It takes about 40 minutes on foot from a closest parking.
It is just right for hiking.
It is said the falls is feminine as the water flows threadlike.
It makes a good contrast with Maya falls that is the other famous waterfall in Shima.

From the closest parking (Shima Yagai Sports Rin), a wide woodland path leads for a while.
The path becomes narrow and there will appear a suspension bridge.
There seems to have been a wide path to the falls.
After the suspension bridge, there is a steep hill.
Take your time and enjoy the scenery while climbing.
There will be fresh green tunnel continued in early summer.

Ogura falls with fresh greens
Ogura falls with fresh greens

Wild animals live there. Be aware of bears just in case.
There are some bells are set up along the pathway. Ring the bell and let them know we are here.
And also be aware of land leeches middle of May to the end of October.
Please be careful especially after the rain or rainy season.

Momotaro waterfall

Momotaro falls

Momotaro falls is nearby from the Onsen-guchi area.
Good for going for a walk.
Closest waterfall from Shima Onsen Kashiwaya Ryokan (only 250 meters away).
It is just right to go for a walk after check-in or breakfast.
The falls flow down right beside a small hydroelectric dam.
The color of the dam lake is amazingly blue, and the water of the falls is peacefully pouring into it.

Photographer at Momotaro falls
Photographer at Momotaro falls

It is seasonally enjoyable like fresh green in spring, autumn leaves in autumn and part of the waterfall is frozen in winter.

Shima Onsen Waterfalls map


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