Enjoy Onsen hopping! Day-use Onsen, foot bath, drinking hot spring water

Drinking Onsen

Shima Onsen resort is a narrow elongated onsen town along a Shima river.
There are around 30 inns (Ryokan) that each of them has variety of Onsen in their way.
Besides that you can enjoy foot bath and drinking hot spring water around the town.
Let us introduce them.

Day-use Onsen

Entrance of Shima Onsen (An area called “Onsen-guchi”), there is a day-use onsen facility called Shima Seiryunoyu.
Although it is a municipal facility that costs money, it is well-equipped.
A large public bath and an open-air bath are separated by gender.
And they use hot spring water that is directly from the source.
The open-air bath for men has the view of Shima river flows.
A large rest area and a parking which has an electric car charging station available.

Shima Seiryu-no-yu
Shuma Seiryu-no-yu

3830-1, Shima, Nakanojo-machi, Agatsuma-gun
TEL +81-279-64-2610
Entrance fee 500JPY
Opening hours 10:00-21:00
Regular holiday The 4th Wednesday of each month

There are three free public baths.

Kaminoyu at Yamaguchi area, Kawaranoyu at Arayu area, Gomusounoyu at Hinatami area.
They are for locals but open for anyone between 9:00 to 15:00 and it is free of charge.
They are not really large. However, there is a chance to know locals.

Foot Bath

One of the effects of the Onsen is thermal effect.
Foot bath is the way to get that effect easily while going for a walk in Shima.
There are some places where you can enjoy it.

Okinaya(Light meal and souvenir) at Yamaguchi area

It is nice to enjoy some snack while soaking your feet in hot spring water.

Yamaguchi Kawane-no Ashiyu at Yamaguchi area

It is located across the Shima river from Okinaya.
You can enjoy the foot bath while gazing the river flows right in front of you.
*Closed in Winter.

Yuzuriha Mori-no Ashiyu
Yuzuriha Mori-no-Ashiyu

Located between Arayu area and Hinatami area.
“Mori” means forest. The foot bath is surrounded by woods.
Feel negative ions while enjoing it.
Drinking hot spring water available.

Hinatami Yakushi-no Ashiyu
Hinatami Yakushi-no-Ashiyu

Bhaisajyaguru(The Buddha who cures all ills) is enshrined here.
And the free public bath “Gomusou-no-yu” is right beside the foot bath.

Drinking hot spring water

Shio-no-yu drinking Onsen

Shima Onsen is also known as drinkable hot spring water.
Shionoyu Insenjo (a place of drinking hot spring water) is in Arayu area by our cafe(Kashiwaya Cafe).
As mentioned above, it is available at Yuzuriha Morino Ashiyu, too.
There are some things to do around the town so, please check it out.

Visit us and enjoy Onsen hopping!
You are going to be refreshed both mind and body!!

Shima Onsen Town Map


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