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      Papu Tuiasosopo

      First off let me tell you that if you have any tattoos and plan on going to an onsen, this is the one!! Now tattoos in the Japanese culture are linked to other connotations that we coming from the states aren’t use to but in any case we are visitors in their country so lets be respectful. Upon arrival we were greeted by a worker with some hot tea or coffee, followed by check-in and then show to our rooms! MY girlfriend and I chose the western style beds which were very comfy so no worries about getting a good nights rest. Without going into great detail this place was everything we could’ve wanted and more. The staff was great and attentive the rooms were clean and the baths were on point! 10/10 recommend anybody who is wanting to try the onsen experience!!

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      Thank you for the heartwarming review.
      As you said Shima Onsen Kashiwaya Ryokan is tattoo friendly Onsen Ryokan.

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