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      I have visited Shima Onsen twice. The first time was with my daughter. The second time was with my daughter and two grandchildren (aged 7 and 10). Both experiences were amazing. The facilities are fantastic. We tried all the outdoor baths and I tried the indoor as well. For my daughter and granddaughters this was their first experience at an onsen. The friendliness and welcoming attitude of the staff was great. The meals were totally awesome!! On our second visit this summer we were able to stay in a traditional Japanese style room. This was a unique cultural experience for the grandchildren. The area around the onsen was picturesque and we had the opportunity to explore the scenery and the local village. We enjoyed our experience and hope to return on our next trip to Japan. Thanks again.

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      Kathie san,
      Thank you for visiting here twice!
      We are looking forward to seeing you again.

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