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      If you are looking for a private onsen in a charming, tranquil setting, I highly recommend Kashiwaya Ryokan. This multi-award winning quaint ryokan is nestled in a mountainous valley along the soothing-sound of the Shima river and is just a senic 2½ hour bus ride from central Tokyo. This traditional, family-run, 15-room inn is well-kept, clean, and has an awesome, impressive staff that is friendly and caring. The food (Japanese cuisine) is great and interesting as it is mostly sourced from the surrounding region.

      My wife and I took full advantage of the onsen during our 2 night stay. We enjoyed all 3 private open air onsens, each designed with a different theme. In addition, we had a guest room with its own private open air onsen!

      It’s a place of total relaxation or to even get inspired! As a western foreign visitor to Japan, Kashiwaya Ryokan ranks among our top must return places of travel.

      “Arigato gozaimasu Kashiwabara san” for a wonderful travel experience!

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      Dear Steve san.
      Thank you for staying at Shima Onsen and Kashiwaya Ryokan.
      We are very glad you enjoyed the rural Onsen town and Kashiwaya stay.

      If you have next chance to visit Japan, feel free for contact me.
      Thank you.
      Masuo Kashiwabara

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