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      Our stay at the Kashiwaya Ryokan was absolutely AMAZING!

      We started our stay with an easy busy ride to Shima Onsen. The directions provided for that was easy to follow. We stayed in the Kame room, which is the traditional tatami room with our own in room private bath. We had our own private bathroom (toilet) as well so we didn’t have to go to the hallway. There are English pamphlets in the room with additional information such as a general map with vistas or general point of interests around. Even though we had our own private bath, the 3 other private baths to other guests are also available to us as well.

      The room comes with amenities that are typical to a Japanese hotel and then some: toothbrush and toothpaste; baskets with a towel, wash cloth, a bag for you to carry stuff in should you want to walk round town in your yukata, your yukata belt; shampoo and conditioner; hair tie and cotton swabs; comb. We get to select a yukata when we check in, but fresh clean yukata are always readily available in designated shelves on the second floor (size ranging from S – XL from what what’s I can remember). The yukata was definitely breathable and comfortable to sleep in as well.

      The staff at Kashiwaya were friendly and the atmosphere was relaxing. We didn’t know a lot of Japanese, and they were accommodating and tried communicate in English to the best of their abilities. They’re very helpful and always greeted us when they see us. We always felt welcomed and valued during our entire stay.

      Aside from the round trip bus ticket, we also opted in for the dinner and breakfast. At the time of checking in, you get to pick when you want dinner and breakfast served (three different time slots to choose from); for breakfast you get to pick either western or Japanese styled breakfast. Dinner was served in the room, and the staff would try to elaborate the menu to us (menu card in English, but we appreciate them wanting to tell us more about the dish). Everything was absolutely delicious with great presentation. Not all the courses came at once; there are a few courses (a meat course, a soup course, and dessert) that would come during the meal at separate times and they tell you up front; for breakfast it’s similar in that regard as well. At th end of the meal, we dialed 9 to have them take the trays away, and when they come that’s when they will lay out our futons, and give us the breakfast ticket. Breakfast was served in the dining hall/restaurant, where you can simply go at your designated time.

      The entire experience was phenomenal. We ate, we soaked, we enjoyed ourselves in the town. It was definitely a great and super relaxing way to end our trip to Japan. Even the communication in the beginning was clear and helpful. I would highly recommend everyone Kashiwaya Ryokan to anyone.

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      Dear Helena san,
      Thank you for the polite and long posting !
      We also think Shima Onsen the perfect spot for the last night of your trip to Japan.
      I look forward to meeting you again

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