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      I stayed here a few years ago and, first of all, my friend forgot her bag on the bus and the hotel staff were so helpful and got it all sorted out for her. She got her bag back the same day. It was such a memorable experience and one of my favourite experiences from my year in Japan! The customer service was excellent and they catered to my vegetarian diet. The food was out of this world. The hot springs were also lovely. I loved getting up at 6am to use the private outdoor hot spring. It was winter and stepping into the water was so relaxing. The village is also lovely. You can visit the building that inspired the hot springs in Spirited Away which is great for Ghibli fans! There are some cute places to eat too. I would definitely recommend this place to everyone! I also can’t wait to hopefully come back one day.

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      Isabel san,
      Thank you for the heartwarming review!
      Hope to see you again!

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