Direct Express Bus Service from Haneda Airport

Direct express bus service from Haneda Airport was launched!

Starting from November 1, 2023, a highway bus service connecting Haneda Airport and Shima Onsen has commenced.
Although there is only one round trip per day, a highway bus from Haneda Airport to Shima Onsen is now in operation.
It’s incredibly convenient as you can travel from Haneda Airport to Shima Onsen without any transfers.

The schedule is as follows:
To Shima Onsen: Haneda Airport 10:20 – Tokyo Station 11:00 – Shima Onsen (Onsen Entrance) 14:55
To Haneda Airport: Shima Onsen (Onsen Entrance) 11:03 – Tokyo Station – 15:00 – Haneda Airport 15:35

* The bus will make a stop at Ikaho Onsen along the way.

The fare is 5,000 yen for one way and 8,000 yen for a round trip.
Bus operator : Kan-etsu Kotu
Reservation : Japan Bus Online


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