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      Kashiwaya Ryokan is my favorite place in the world! After visiting here for one night in January 2017, I just had to come back. I stayed for three nights in April 2018 and I’m going again next week.

      The staff is amazing – not only are they friendly and helpful but they really go above and beyond in terms of hospitality. I work in hospitality myself, and I can only hope to be as observant, accommodating, and courteous in my work as they are.

      Every dinner there is one of the best meals of my life. Incredible kaiseki cuisine utilizing the best seasonal ingredients with outstanding technique.

      The baths are outstanding. They are so perfect and tranquil. There’s the option to have a room with a private bath and you can also use one of the other three private open-air baths on the property. Perfect for me because I have a tattoo and can’t use many public onsens.

      They make it so easy for you to get there by bus from Tokyo station, and the price is extremely reasonable. I can’t thank Kashiwaya’s staff enough for making my experiences so memorable.

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      Thank you Mark san!
      We are looking forward to seeing you soon.

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