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The 42 Sources of Hot Spring Water in Shima Onsen, Japan

Ashiyu(Foot Bath) at Hinatami Yakushi Onsen (hot spring) Water at Kami-no-yu ShimaOnsen (“Onsen"meaning“hot spring") is ...
Restaurant and cafe

“Yaki Manju” is very popular snack and sweets in Gunma

Do you know “Yaki Manju”? That is our favorite snack and sweets.Yaki Manju (roasted sweet bun) is a sweet, having four b...

Amazing Blue /Shima Blue

As you can know because it is inside Joshinetsu Kogen National Park, Shima Onsen is the treasure box with rich nature. I...
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Amazing Autumn Leaves in Shima Onsen

Shima Onsen, which is the perfect place to see the fall colors. The 12 kilometer stretch of town along Shima River from ...

Exploring the Shima Onsen on a Bike Vol.2 Hinatami

Hinatami area is the innermost area of Shima Onsen. Gunma Prefecture, JAPAN

Shima Onsen cure 40,000 diseases ? Tradition of Shima Onsen

Seiryu No Yu Onsen Shima Onsen is written as 「四万温泉」 in Chinese characters. It means the number 40000. It is said to be n...

Access to Shima Onsen, Let’s Go to Rural Japan

“Shima Onsen” is closer from Tokyo,Approximately 3 Hours from Tokyo Shima Onsen is located in Gunma Prefecture, which is...

Exploring the Shima Onsen on a Bike Vol.1 TownCenter

Shima Onsen Town Center - It is a good old fashioned Onsen town. There are attractive restaurants and tiny shops. Gunma ...

Sentimental Journey to the Countryside of Japan


Shima Onsen Town Map

Shima Onsen is the tiny rural Onsen (hot springs) town.The area has a quiet and peaceful atmosphere.