Kurenai (Japanese cuisine) くれない

Una-Juu (Marinated freshwater eel with rice)

Kurenai was established in 1934 on Ochiai Street in the center of Shima Onsen, and is a Japanese restaurant that serves a variety of Japanese cuisine, mainly serves river fish cuisine.

Particularly popular is the “hot water steamed eel” which is steamed with hot spring water, and it has been featured on TV programs and other media. 

The seats are along the banks of Shima River, so you can enjoy your meal while looking down on Shima River like a riverbed. 

Owner-chef, Mr. Haneda

Phone: 0279-64-2006
Business hours: 11:00am to 2:00pm
Closed: No regular holidays
Nearest bus stop: Shima Onsen
Free Wi-Fi available


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